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"One of the best investments I've ever made!!"   Lynn B. 9/12

"I hired Anne because of her credentials - I brag on her because of her TALENT!  My house was a disaster -- beyond hope, really.  Anne WAS MY ONLY HOPE!  And she worked miracle after miracle.  My kitchen, my living room, laundry room, bedroom, bathroom, and two other rooms were no match for this warrior.  She doesn't just boss me around - she "gets up in there" with her proverbial sleeves rolled up!  She tells me she LOVES doing it.  She never ONCE made me feel bad about myself or my mess.  I will be forever grateful to her for her changing my life.  I LOVE her!"  Nancy J.  2/12

"Anne is so fast and efficient!  She helped me organize my garage and husband's workshop area for him as a surprise.  He was so happy as we had just moved into the house and this area really needed to be accessable to hiim for projects right away.  On top of that, she is absolutely delightful to work with - I learned a lot too."  Esther T.  5/11

"I can't tell you how pleased I am with my new studio and office space.  You took years of frustration and turned it into joy.  I am so excited to get to work.  You made the whole process of sorting, discarding and organizing painless.  I only wish I had called you sooner.  Truly, a weight has been lifted and I feel I can move forward.  The benefits far outweigh the price.  You were a joy to work with.  What you do is absolutely amazing.  Thank you so much!"  Deana M.  5/10

"What can I say about Anne except, "WOW!!!"  Our guest rooms were nothing more than closed off minefields and I could barely get to my desk in the office.  After lots of research and watching hoarding shows and realizing there are people out there to help, we chose Anne and couldn't have been happier.  She attacked the piles with a vengeance mortal man has rarely seen.  She organized everthing into ship shape and even rearranged my ofice to be more efficient.  There isn't anything that she shied away from or felt was beneath her.  And most important of all, she made the process enjoyable.  After the initial round of organizing was complete, we had her back several more times to work on the kitchen pantry, garage, closets and even my work shop.  Anne is simply AMAZING.  She is bright, energetic, professional and has a heartfelt compassion for her clients as well as a passion for what she does.  We can't recomment her highly enough."   Mike B.  8/11

"Thank you so much for your time, interview and assistance with connecting me to L.  I'm so excited about shedding the light on hoarders in the Tulsa community.  You did a great job on air during the newscast on our panel of experts.  I couldn't have done it without your help!  Great meeting you!  Lyndsay Levingston, Reporter Fox23News  4/10

"Anne, what amazing changes have already been made to this house of mine!  You are definitely a God-send!  I am so glad I found you and I shall continue to sing your praises to one and all for a long, long time to come.  When people ask how much you charge, I tell them it is well worth every penny spent to feel so much better about my home and especially about myself.  It is as if a giant weight has been and is continuing to be lifted off of me.  You are willing to get down-and-dirty alongside of me.  Anne has The Best Method of getting down to work right along side of me and as well as leading the way all the way to a cleaner, less cluttered and more organized, happier and healthier home.  I am looking forward to eventually, with your help and guidance, organizing my entire house including the garage and the storage building in the back yard.  Thank you Anne!  You are THE BEST!!!"    Jill K.  6/08

"I'm still loving my kitchen.  I so enjoyed working with you and appreciate your assistance so very much!"

"Anne Spero helped me organize my new home after I'd downsized and was having trouble finding new places for my stuff.  She very effectively analyzed my needs and what I used most often, then organized cabinets and drawers to meet those priorities.  I was so impressed that she came to the job prepared with a van full of affordable organizing materials, as well as a labeling machine to assure everything stays in its place.  Anne is a very talented and practical lady and I plan on having her back to attack my garage and future organizing projects."  Anne T.  7/08

"Anne Spero gets results.  My office was a mess until I called Anne.  She provided the motivation and ideas and, in quick order, I had an efficient filing system and a place for everything.  She does great work!"  Jim M. 1/07

"Anne's energy and talent in visualizing and organizing space is amazing.  She attends to every detail, providing supplies and hauling away clutter so I have nothing to worry about.  She is honest and a joy to have in the home.  I just wish I could schedule her more often!"  Jeanne R.  1/07

"Anne took a black hole that was my garage and transformed it into a workable area where everything is visible.  She organized the garage into identifiable zones, providing storage solutions such as labeled containers, while using a personable common sense approach to the organization.  Now I know where everything is located and can find them with ease!"  Cheryl G.  1/07

"A clean, smiling, cheerful person, arrives on time and since I collect paper the way some people collect baseball cards, there was always plenty of work to do.  She is neat, tidy, and efficient.  She was helping me put together a book I'd written, and in two hours, could go through a mountain of "stuff".  She was not gabby or gossipy, and it was always a pleasure to welcome her."  Hannah B.  2/07

"Anne, thank you so very much for sharing your expertise and effort.  I pray that my focus and energy continue toward the goal of a presentable abode.  Hope you have a blessed day!"  Alisa E.  1/06

"You are amazing!  I am so excited about all that you accomplished on Tuesday.  Thanks for spending a day getting me organized.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!  Thanks again!"  Cathy B.  4/04

"Anne came to my home to help me organize my piles and stacks of papers.  She efficiently set up a filing system which I love!  She had a charming personality and was so pleasant and brilliant at her work.  She accomplished everything while she was here and I will definitely plan to have her back to attack another area of the house!"  Jackie B.  3/04

"Dear Anne, thank you so much for all of your hard work!  We couldn't have done it without you!  We appreciate all you've done to help us out.  Next time we have a need for organizing, we will surely call you."  Marcia L.  3/03

"Thank you so much for helping me with my house....I love it!!!"   Lisa A. 1999

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