Professional Organizing serving the Tulsa area since 1999.

Since 1999
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Family & Children's Services 918-587-947
Dress for Success  918-599-8892
Prevent Blindness  918-496-3484
Salvation Army  918-747-5272
The Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless 918-583-5588
DVIS 918-508-2709
John 3:16 Mission 918-587-1186

Clothing Donation
Paper Shredding
Habitat for Humanity  
HOW Foundation   918-455-8223
Salvation Army   918-583-6119 (ext. 1)
Yarn Donation
Faith United Methodist Church, Tulsa 918-252-1679
The Loops Yarn Store, Tulsa 918-742-9276 collects donated yarn for groups: 
 Make Tulsa who helps the community &
 Warm Hearts of Tulsa who makes hats for the homeless.
Furniture Donation
Office Depot 918-481-5755   99 cents/lb
American Document Shredding  918-770-5606
Shredder's  918-446-8386
​Vital Records Control  877-898-7450
Share House  918-815-3016
HOW Foundation  918-455-8223
​Making Room for You, Inc.-furniture pickup 918-830-5017
Vehicle Donation
American Cancer Society  1-888-227-5500
American Lung Association  1-888-300-5864
Salvation Army  918-583-6119 (ext. 2)
Kars 4 Kids  918-289-2053
Vehicles for Veterans 1-855-820-2873
Habitat for Humanity Car Donation  1-877-277-4344

Good Info About Car Donation

Television Donation
Share House 918-815-3016 (working flat screens only)
Natural Evolution 918-836-2995
Major Appliances Donation
HOW Foundation 918-455-8223 (working only)
Salvation Army 918-583-6119 (ext. 2) (working only)
Share House 918-815-3016 (working only)
Habitat for Humanity 
Best Buy 
Building Material/Plumbing Fixtures/Supplies Donation
Boat Donation
Tulsa Fairgrounds Pollutant Collection
City of Tulsa - list of pollutants
Year round - by appointment only
Wed & Sat   8-4:30pm
15th & Sandusky, Gate 7, Tulsa
4502 S. Galveston, Tulsa, 74107

Shelters Needing Donations
Harvest House 
Lindsey House 
Women in Recovery - located in Family & Children's Services Center 918-587-9471
Find a Shelter with a Wish List
XRay Disposal